Top Ten Buildings of the World

There are many wonders around the world. One of the wonders is attractive building. People like to visit attractive buildings because it is one kind of art. Let get introduced with the top wonderful buildings of the world.

Baha’i House

It is a religious worship; everyone knows it as “Baha’i House”. It is also called “poddoMondir” or “Lotus Temple”. It was built in 1986. It is open for all.


Cubic house

It is a luxurious house cubic in shape. It is known as cubic house. It is situated in Rotterdam city of Netherlands.

Dance Building

It is called by dance building. It is situated in Prague city. It was destroyed by explosive blasting.  It was rebuilt in 1996.

Ferdinand cheval palace

This is a famous building of France. This building was designed and built by a simple peon. He wanted to use this building as his own grave but the France movement didn’t approve it. Now this house is known as “Ideal Palace” all over the world.

Forest spiral

The name of this famous building is forest spiral. It was built in Darmstadt city of Japan. Famous Austrian architect “FriedensreichHundertwasser” designed the building in 2000. But a sorrowful event he died in February month of 2000 before completing the construction of the building. He was famous for his creative architecture design. This building is 12 strayed and there are total 105 apartments in this building. There is a beautiful garden on the roof of the building.

The Guggenheim museum, Bilbao, Impawn

It is situated at the bank of the “Nervian” river. If you see it, it looks like a great ship in the middle point of the sea. Canadian-American architect “Frank Gehry” was the designer of this famous building.

Repley’s building, Ontario, Canada

If you see the building for the first time you will be surprised because there are several cracks around the whole building. You will think that the building has taken this shape because of a great earthquake. But you are wrong; it is the natural shape of this building. Famous architect “Repley Legacy” designed the building as a sample of great earthquakes of 1812. It is one of the most famous buildings of the world.

Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

It you see this building you will make a mistake of thinking this building a cartoon or photo. Whatever you think it is a real building. It is a shopping-mall at Sopot of Poland. The latitude of this building is four thousand square matrices. Architect” SzotynscyZaleski” of Poland designed this building.

A library of consas, America

This library is the census city of America. It looks like a bookshelf; this building’s structure shows that- various kinds of books are decorated here to spread the light of Education.

U.F.O house

It is in the Sannjhih city of Taiwan. This building looks like U.F.O of aliens, that is the reason of such kind of name. Mainly it was built as a desert resort.