Securing Your Own Piece of Real Estate


Real estate

When we talk about real estate we refer to a piece of land along with everything that is under it and everything that can be over it like constructions and the like, since it’s a very important part of the economy of every country, it has a legislation of its own to make protect every party involved in a real estate, the ones selling, the ones buying and everyone that comes in between like real estate agents.

The real estate agreement includes everything that’s related to the land in question, so every aspect has rights:

  • Air rights: it refers to the empty space that’s above the land, this right means that when a party buys or rents a piece of land he has the right to take advantage of the space above the said property, he can use it and develop it.
  • Mineral rights:  this right gives the owner or the renter the right to mine and exploit the minerals just under the surface of the piece of land, this right can be separated from the ownership of the property, they can be conveyed to someone else. These rights include also oil and natural gas even though they are not minerals.
  • Surface rights: when mineral rights are separated from the ownership of the property, the owner has the surface rights left, these rights enable him to exploit the surface without mining or producing the minerals in it.

Real estate agent

When looking for a great real estate agent to help you out with a transaction, you have to look at the small details that can tell you if he is a good real estate agent or not, the first thing is that you need to check how many deals he closed every year, image012an average one closes 2 transactions so anything over 2 transaction a year means skills and talent. Also, if someone close to you used the services of an agent and found success then don’t hesitate to contact him because chances are that success will be yours too.

When the real estate agent has a website it usually means that he is in touch with the modern world, and since many transactions today are conducted via internet it will be much easier to have a person that knows what is going on the online property market.

If an agent is well connected, sales and buys tend to go smoothly, this is because there is a network that make transactions easier. You should look for someone that will work on your side, if you’re a buyer pick someone that is not working for the seller and vice versa, if he does then the transaction will inevitably swing to the side of the seller and not you!

Finally , trust the judgment of a good real estate agent because he does that for a living  and has a great experience so when he advices you against something the reason is that want you want is not good for you, like a pretty white house in a crime neighborhood.